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Our Determination

With over 8 years of experience in this field, we take pride in being a professional and dedicated team in interior architecture design and construction in Binh Duong. We are committed to providing our customers with perfect living and working spaces that reflect class and personalization.

B.O.D Architecture & Interior Design

We are committed to providing our customers with unique living and working spaces that optimize functionality and aesthetics.

Workflow at B.O.D


Information gathering, site survey, sample reference, preliminary quotation, and confirmation of the workflow to ensure an efficient and customer-compliant project execution.

Develop a Plan

Finalize the quotation, sign the construction contract, hand over the information to the responsible construction team, prepare the necessary documentation for construction permits, and address any arising issues

Detailed Design

Technical documentation development, architectural, system, or construction structure adjustments, and design plan validation, construction cost estimation.

Implementation and Handover

Manufacture and Install Interior Finishes. Carry out design documentation handover, monitor construction, make adjustments as required, coordinate resolution of arising issues, and conduct project acceptance and settlement.

Design Style

Five years of experience in architectural and interior design and construction in Binh Duong
Customers have placed their trust and collaborated with B.O.D throughout this time
Our team of architects, design staff, and on-site construction personnel have extensive experience and attention to detail in every project

Projects Projects

B.O.D Architecture & Interior Design

Townhouse Interior Design in TDM

The interior design of townhouses in TDM is one of the project categories frequently undertaken by B.O.D. As a growing area in Binh Duong, townhouse interior design in TDM (Thu Dau Mot) is now easily accessible to today's customers. Even more fortunate, B.O.D has partnered with a townhouse project in this area with a customer, Ms. Ngoc Khanh.
B.O.D Architecture & Interior Design

Tan Phuoc Khanh Villa

Tan Phuoc Khanh Villa is designed with sophistication and modernity. The villas here boast spacious areas, comfortable bedrooms, and luxurious interior details. This creates a classy and comfortable living space for your entire family.
Thiet ke chung cu tai Binh Duong

Compass One Apartment

The 43m2 space in Compass One Apartment in Binh Duong provides visitors with a sense of relaxation and comfort thanks to a clever color scheme, bringing peace to the living space.

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B.O.D Architecture & Interior Design

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